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The Book Of Me began in 1978 as a seventh grade English assignment of ten sections.

I rediscovered my original yellow and orange folder some nine years later and decided it would be fun to tackle them again. Who knew I’d be doing it year after year since (2020 will mark my 33rd volume of The Book Of Me).

For the first couple of years, I completed my Book as that 7th grade assignment. Over the course of six years, I tweaked the content to reflect that of a young adult rather than a child. That version was self-published in 2008 under the title: “The Book of Me. A Yearly Reflection Of My Life.” Although I have added text to address our current world in the past ten years, this version retains the essence of that 1982 assignment in its simple and seemingly trivial questions, lists and situations.

Before you get started, I ask one thing: Commit to writing one complete Book Of Me. After that, it’s totally up to you whether you retrace this path annually or never again. Either way. You’ll have a valuable place-keeper of who you are, what you feel and where you’re going from the date of this first Book of Me.

-A Arlandson

St. Paul, MN

September, 2019