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Aa'niyah Butler "No Tears" Ariana Grande 2018 (on location in Atlanta)

The Simple Things -Cheetah Girls (2010)

"STAR by IYLALI is a video production project that me and my God Mom, the owner of IYLALI, created for kids and adults to see what it feels like to be superstar. We take your dreams and make them a reality by creating a video of you lip syncing a song. The process is very fun and will take videos to a whole different level. If you would like more information to see what we’re about contact me please." -Jada


Always remember to inhale your like and live it, IYLALI ✨

Whip My Hair -Willow Smith (2011)

Boogie Oogie Oogie- A Taste Of Honey (2012)

All Night Long -Faith ft. Puff Daddy with Payton (2013)

Where My Girls At -702 (2016)

Cheetah-licious Christmas with Payton and Trinity (2014)