Robert "OSP" French  is an Emcee, Poet, Community Activist, Football and Basketball Coach,                  loving Father of four and devoted Husband to his "Sweets" of  23 years. 

My IYLALI Story: IYLALI came from a sense of feeling like the world is suffocating. Dreams and motives scarring our memories, changing what our history should be and a feeling to have to fight for human rights and respect. Inhaling your life and living it should be what we all do . . .not just a catchy line. It means live today . . .live for tomorrow... live for the past, future and present. Inhale life and LIVE.



Mr. Frenchs' IYLALI: It's a daily thing. I wake up early, go to my babies rooms and get them up and pause for just a moment. When I look at them peaceful and asleep it's the realization that I am blessed.  It continues on in other ways like with my music. I can write anything I choose with great skill, but we all have the opportunity to choose what to write-- what to say. I rage against the machine with words like yesterday was too late. Time waits for no man, woman or child so why sit complacent? Go find out why. Make moves, and build for better tomorrows.


WHAT: I have to plan my work, and work my plan... something my Pops told me over and over and over again throughout my life. I can hear him saying it; "Can't just do s*** willy nilly! Love what you do!" 


Words Of Wisdom: I treat my life like time is running out at times. I'm not rushing, but I am steadfast on this journey and-- I refuse to relent until I achieve the goals I stretch to attain.

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