We have no cap on time or Twin Cities travel to locations. Most shoots go about 75 minutes or less. 

For family and individual shots we include two looks. This includes 15 images and editing. 


Q: How many images do you deliver?

A: Our base package of $100 for individual and family include no less than 8 and up to 20 images. Please contact us directly for wedding and event photography. 

Q: What can we expect when we hire you? 


Q: When people hire you for their destination wedding do they pay your airfare and hotel costs in addition to your fee?

A: Yes they do.  Our clients recognize the value in bringing someone along that they know and trust to document their important event.  They are aware of the risk involved in hiring a resort photographer and chose to not waste money or have regrets on a photographer or experience they might not be happy with. In addition, resort photography contracts are often unclear or even non-existent, so sometimes hidden costs to obtain images are revealed later that can be a shocking aftermath.