OSP   On Something Personal

"OSP: Authentic, Not Augmented,"  stays true to the unapologetic and no holds barred formula used with Robert "OSP" Frenchs' debut, "Say It Loud for Syrka Records. "One can only be themselves," OSP responds when defining the records title. "It's a direct contrast to most albums heard in the (current) mainstream and,

to be honest, "OSP muses, "it wasn't made in the spirit of trying to reach mainstream ears. This record is an afront to the everyday mindless sort of music we hear."

The work takes you back to the days when Boom Bap reigned supreme or, as OSP states, where flavor holds court over swag. "AnA" uses an assortment of blunt objects and surgical instruments in oral form to paint pictures for the ear hustler.  

The debut track, "Reasons,"  set over Tone Jonez haunting track and recorded in Studio A of the original Flyte Tyme Studios in December, 2018, and played all over the globe, Reasons tells the story of love lost after its discovered there is a cheater in a relationship. A direct contrast to the more jovial OSP, "Sabotage: Dear Sean Koonery" is a beyond angry letter to an individual Mr. French felt undercut his "mission." OSP laughs when asked about the reception when performing the track live; "I get asked who its about- and that they are glad it wasn't (about) them.” Staying true to his commentary about societal issues, "People! People!" addresses that social infrastructure having been eroded and pigeon holed into digital formats, tracked and saved as information for a system designed to track each and every one of us."

An interesting note to People People is the unconventional simplicity of the track: one verse and two choruses. “Slight Work.” sets the record straight about how OSP feels about talent locally and abroad and in a subject matter near and dear to OSP, “Reform” diserts the need for those that govern to cradle our children in education for their successful future.  Set to DJ Big Reeces’ alluring production and featuring Twin Cities spoken word troupe Eduopoetic, OSP: Authentic, Not Augmented  is a prescription for the Hip-Hop lover who remembers that there are standards still in our culture.

​Slated for re-release December, 2020.

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Track Listing:

Esta La Vida Loca

People! People!

Stop Lying

The Sickness


Sabotage: Dear Sean Koonery


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OSP - Slight Work
Sabotage (Sean Koonery Act II)
People, Peeple