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After picking up a mic, this Chicago native developed his current form stemming from musical tastes and interests after experimenting with the traditional Hip-Hop-- a profound influence on the direction of his musical journey. Once understood making music was his calling, Alex "Narcotic" Santiago showcased his talent in various Windy City venues marking his proverbial territory, quickly noted for his unique talents he has amassed a loyal following. 

KIDS (Knowledge Is Dying Slowly) is the debut record from Narcotic for Syrka Records. Within it you will find a stark narrative from this dedicated Husband and Father of three about the state of bullying in “Whack Kids,” his dilemma with all things Presidential in “Think Free,” and the breathtaking “Some Nights,” deftly addressing absent fathers. 


Since debuting “The Music I and II” in Minneapolis in late 2016, Narcotic hovered in the top 10 of reporting college stations in the United States for an astounding eleven months, firmly planting his feet on the left coast and closing in fast on his takeover

of everything east of the Windy City.  

With fervor to a variety of musical instruments only adds to this astonishingly talented mans appeal, vowing to to deliver amazing music in earnest for your delectation


Addiction Is Imminent.

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Some Nights - Narcotic
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Yes or No - Narcotic
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Think Free - Narcotic
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Live - Narcotic
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The Music Part II - Narcotic
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Whack Kids (Radio Edit - Narcotic
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