Mia Holmes is a recent High School graduate,  freelance model and overall just fierce.

My IYLALI Story: I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety since I was in middle school. I am now a Highschool graduate and still continue to suffer with these very common illnesses. It takes a lot for me to get out of my funks sometimes but what never fails to help is recognizing I am not alone as much as I feel so, truly I am not. I know how stagnant one can feel when you’ve lacked in self motivation and feel as though nothing around you matters, so I decided to do something about it, by helping others. Simply by expressing to other people that you understand and empathize with what they could potentially be going through makes life seem a little more bearable. I’ve always been a healer and a helper. The counselor of my people if you will. I truly think my light is having the power to heal people.


How:  By living in the present. Life is beautiful, it’s all we’ve ever known, and the present moment is all you ever have so I like to start each day by remembering to make the now the primary focus of my life.

Hue: Water