On June 9, I received email notification that my DNA results were in.

I thought for sure I had more than 2 weeks and some change to forget about it as I still wasn't sure about the whats and ifs this test could bring.  



I was shocked to see that a third of the information my parents received about me wasn't correct as my DNA links me to western Africa, England, Scotland and to my delight-- Scandinavia.

My parents, respectively, have always joked about my siblings and I having such a Norwegian last name. I have always planned on getting ink to honor my parents (a norway and swedish flag  (Mom is swedish, Dad norwegian) so Now its even more legit. 

the next day, we attended a church service celebrating my dads 85th birthday.  He is a member of the norwegian glee club and before the service, a korean singer joked that i looked about as norwegian as he does. my dad laughed and said:

         "yeah, I don't have any scandinavian kids. Name only."


So Im BURSTING at the seams all through the service. Afterwards, I made sure that Dad and the Korean Singer were in the same proximity... and I told him: 

         "Yes, you do have a scandinavian kid!" 


And he wept.

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