My IYLALI Story: In late 2012, I had lost 30+ pounds in a matter of weeks and became really, really sick. We knew it was myriad of digestive issues, but my  doctors had no idea what the source of the constant, excruciating pain was. Finally, after a year of too many surgeries and a feeding tube put in for nutrition, I was told that my digestive organs were failing and if I didn't have a TP-IAT surgery, the outcome would be grim. I was heavily medicated (44 pills a day for pain) for the better part of  a year+ and my life came to a screeching halt.  I couldn't work, travel or take my dog for a walk. Because of the cognitive issues from being medicated, I couldn't process watching TV, writing and devastatingly-- unable to play the piano.

What: One is never prepared for thusly it's virtually impossible to process being told you're going to die. I don't believe that I was ever a detriment to our world, but hearing that once? Then again? And again-- changed me. Realizing that every moment is truly precious is a wonderful gift and being able to follow the many things that I am  passion about and having a genuine purpose to make the world we live in a better place makes my heart happy.  

HowIt's far too easy to put bad energy into the world. I will never fully recover from the transplant or the long list of surgeries I've had in the years since.

I live with chronic pain and "isms" that will be a part of my life forever and I choose to do so free of the narcotics that are offered to me at every doctors visit.  Disheartening and overwhelming at times for sure, but, I am working toward saturating my small part of the world with light which, along with my family and friends support-- means everything. 

Words of Wisdom: Find joy in one thing every day and celebrate it. And don't think too much... that always ruins it. 


Andyes Ink:  The Adinkra Symbols: For the love and support of my family; Strength. Emancipation and Perseverance as I have been to the ledge and choose to fight. I have all three are tattooed with the date of the transplant that saved my life. Chinese characters that represent "wonderful heart," My Star Sign symbol (Taurus), the universal symbol of adoption and two ancient graphics that represent "middle sister" and family. 

Hue: Earth 


Star Sign: Taurus


Aundria "Andye" Arlandson is hands on and neck deep as founder and Creative Director for IYLALI, administrator and Talent Manager for Syrka Records, writer, lobbyist for domestic animal health and wannabe professional sleeper.