The nerve center of everything Syrka,  we affectionately refer to Andye as  "The High Priestess

of Gettin' S**t Done" because, well, she gets s**t done.  

Quarterbacking the whole of Syrka Records, Andye additionally functions hands on and neck deep as the founder and creative director for IYLALI and Management for Syrka Records talent.  Whether it's shooting video, routing, negotiating contracts or hemming up backline requirements, this classically trained pianist, author, champion of companion animal health and wanna-be professional sleeper, Andye works hard so our talent can focus on being creative and not catch "Eager Artist Syndrome."


When Andye takes a well-deserved break from keeping Syrka business in order, you're likely to find the self referred "pure-bred Minnesotan" at her editing bay, reading on the beach in Zihuantanejo or chatting up lobbyists in Washington, D.C.

Andye  A

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Go Ladies - Slum VIllage
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